Will Singleton, MDiv, LPC-S, CCH
Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Approved Supervisor, Personal Coaching
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To Set A New Appointment:

1.  Contact Erin at 972-978-9784 (voice or text) and find out if I’m taking new clients in your area.

2.  Grab the paperwork:  You'll need to bring the "Consent and Privacy" form, and the "Personal Data Form" with you (select the “Student” form for minors).  No need to email it in advance.
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3.  Pay for the MBTI Personality Inventory (below this paragraph).  This is a very positive test (not diagnostic), and there are no “bad” profiles or results - it will save us a lot of get-acquainted time, and people are typically pretty amazed at the specific accuracy of their results and REALLY like the insight it gives into much of what makes their personality"tick".  Again, it’s ALL positive, but if you’ve taken the MBTI recently, or there is another reason you don’t want to do this, just let me know you want to opt out.  You can choose between two versions of the test:

  • The Expanded version (Step II/Form Q) is $55, takes 20-30 minutes, and in addition to giving us your basic 4-trait profile, it gives us a picture of 20 additional facets of your personality (detailing specific ways you may differ from others who share your profile).  A comment on value -- the least expensive price I've ever seen for this version anywhere else is $75, and the more typical fees run in excess of $120.  (Basically I'm making the test available at cost.)

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  • The Basic version of the test (Form M) is $35, takes 15-20 minutes, and will give us a basic 4-trait profile.  For years this was the only version of the MBTI available and even though it gives less detail, the core value of the test still comes through.

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4.  Take the test.  For security, the publisher requires users to create an account before testing, so the link below takes you to a sign-in page where you'll first have to click the link under the sign-in button that says, "Don't have an Elevate account?  Sign up!".  Yeah, having third parties ask for my name and email really annoys me too, sorry - but this is a professional testing company that's been around a long time, and they won't use your email, or even send you junk mail, without your permission.  By the way, the first page you'll encounter isn't really the test - it's demographic data and you can just scroll to the bottom, decline to receive any email, and skip to the next page.

      Go to the Expanded Version (Step II/Form Q):  HERE

      Go to the Basic Version (Form M)HERE

  • Special opportunity:  I’m engaged in a research project with another test publisher and if you take the MBTI first, I can offer you a similar test at no cost (the test costs $29 otherwise).  I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity – I really like the profiles generated by this second test.

5.  That’s it - come see me.  (Map and directions below)

Fees and Discounts:
  • $15 Discount:  $125  Payment by card (credit or debit) at time of service.
  • $20 Discount:  $120  Payment by cash, check, or post-dated check (up to 30 days), at time of service.
  • Regular Fee:  $140  No discounts for sessions beginning at 8:00 pm or later, for appointments scheduled outside regular times, or cases involving any sort of documentation for reimbursement.  This is mentioned below, I but stopped filing insurance claims and accepting payment from insurance companies over 10 years ago.  Nonetheless, from time to time, insurance companies need documentation with the claims you file and I'll help where I can!
  • As mentioned, the first session has an additional testing fee of $35-$55 (which is prepaid).

I no longer file insurance, and no longer participate as a network provider in managed care; however, most insurance companies provide benefits for "out-of-network providers" which could be used for my services if you choose to file for reimbursement - just be sure to ask what the deductible and benefits are for an "out-of-network provider".

If the thought of handling your own insurance is daunting, here are a few things that might help:
1.   Call your insurance company and ask what your mental health benefits are for an "out-of-network provider".  In most cases the cost difference is minimal.  If you have a significantly higher deductible to go out of network, let me know – there are some ways we can help.
2.   At the end of each session I will provide you a receipt that contains all of the information your insurance company needs to send you a reimbursement.
3.   Consider pre-addressing several envelopes so you can send in the receipt immediately after each session. 
4.   If it will help you, I can hold a check up to 30 days as you wait for your reimbursements to arrive.
5.   In order for your insurance company to reimburse for counseling, I will have to submit to a mental health diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, or adjustment disorder.  Marriage counseling is never covered by insurance, although it is permissible to have a spouse participate in counseling sessions along with the "identified patient" (we just have to decide who the "identified patient" is going to be).   

Lewisville Office:   
575 N. Valley Parkway, Suite 210
Lewisville Tx, 75067

(Southeast corner of N. Valley Pkwy. and College.  Suite 210 is upstairs, in the middle building - with green awnings - upstairs from Byroad Chiropractic.  
Directions: From I-35 in Lewisville, take the exit for 1171 (Main Street) in Lewisville and turn west on 1171.  At the third traffic signal, turn right onto N. Valley Parkway. Turn right into the parking lot just before College Parkway.  Building 575 is the center building, with green awnings, and the address numbers are over at the door (the building may not look like it’s two stories, but it is). Stairs are directly across from the men’s restroom, and my lobby is the first door on the right.   
McKinney Office:
2713 Virginia Pkwy., Suite 200
McKinney, TX 75071

Directions: The building is on the south side of Virginia about two blocks west of 75, or about a block east of Jordan (next door to a large dry cleaner) and is recognizable by its green roof.

Payment Links:
These payment links are ONLY for distance clients who have not already been set up for credit card billing - unless we've discussed it and I've asked you to use these buttons, you can ignore them.  Each of these fees will include an additional $3.65 which is the amount I'm charged per transaction.

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