Will Singleton, MDiv, LPC-S, CCH
Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Approved Supervisor, Personal Coaching
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Areas of Practice

I work with individuals, couples, and teens in a general, open practice.  With over 20 years experience, it's only natural that I've gotten pretty good with a very wide range of client needs and circumstances:  Depression, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, recovery from traumatic childhood or adult experiences, and growth-oriented life coaching... these sorts of issues are always prominent parts of my caseload.  I provide more specifics on my work with Individuals, Couples, and Teens starting in the right hand column below.  But I have something different in mind for the column on the left.

Recently I've Been
  Seeing A Lot Of...  

For some reason, it seems that different issue or specific types of client, tend to appear in clusters together.  For example, at one point I had an unusual number of professional writers on my caseload - not a result of marketing; it just happens.  Likewise, I might go months without seeing anyone who suffers from severe PTSD, and then within a couple of months, it becomes a quarter of my caseload.  I enjoy this "clustering" phenomenon because it lets me go a little deeper into different issues as sort of a temporary "specialty".  So the purpose of this column is to mention what sorts of clusters have been on my caseload lately. 

Just so I don't confuse things, the following do not represent the regular scope of my practice - these just happen to be what I've been seeing a lot of the last month or so... In case you see yourself in one of these clusters.
  • Young people (high school and college) who aren't "broken" but who are just a bit overwhelmed and are suffering a bit of a shut-down.
  • An interesting cluster of "superstars" - highly skilled, impressive, types who are valued at work and liked by others, but who are struggling with things much more deeply than anyone would guess.
  • And my current favorite topic these days - I've been doing a lot of work that focuses on understanding personality issues and differences.
  • CHANGES in my work with couples.  Be sure to see "Couples" section in column to the right.
I will try to keep this section updated as my professional landscape changes, but for a more general description of my scope of practice you can see the column on the right!
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